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Search & Rescue

Assist in Coordination of Fire-fighting Operations

In a forest-fire scenario it's often difficult to have an updated and global awareness of various elements involved. The small Quadcopter UAVision is compact and easy to operate, and can easily be launched from a command-and-control vehicle. In a few minutes, the field teams can start to receive images and footage from the Quadcopter UAVision, and develop a better up-to-date situational awareness of the operations theatre. Even in urban building fires, the Quadcopter UAVision enables a close-up visual inspection of windows, doors and openings in different floors to assess safety conditions and risk calculation to plan fire-fighting intervention. The Quadcopter UAVision onboard computer takes care of making the aircraft stable, ensuring an easy-to-use operation. This way, fire-fighters can spend less time piloting the aircraft, and more time gathering information to reduce the risk and increase the effectiveness of the missions in the field.

Respond to natural disaster scenario

When responding to a natural disaster scenario, the UX-SPYRO can be a source of valuable information that can help command and field-teams to be more effective in their missions. Entering a building under risk of imminent collapse. Search for injured trekkers in a steep cliff, in minutes, without endangering search teams; Look for victims at night using a thermal camera. All of these are situations where a portable and stabilized aerial platform as the Quadcopter UAVision can make a huge difference.

Environmental Protection

Forestry & Agriculture

Environmental Disaster Innitial Response

'Collect the most data as early as possible' This is one of the most important factors in responding to a spill of hazardous or industrial waste in streams , rivers or sea. in this type of scenarios, initial response teams can use the Quadcopter UAVision to collect geo-tagged crucial evidence to understand the source and causes of the disaster.

Crop and Forest Monitoring

Equipped with NIR sensors, UAV flights can do cost-effective vegetation/crop/forest monitoring. The determination of Indices such as NDVI allows to access vegetative vigour maps or pest infestation/disease, for example. Yield maps combined with NDVI and maps derived from diverse time series, enable us to identify productive units within the same parcel. Based on this information, the manager can not only better decide when to saw, irrigate or fertilize, as well as at what rate, and where to do it priority.

Structure Maintenance

Critical Structure Inspection

When looking for signs of ageing and degradation in bridges, highway overspasses or industrial rooftops, visual inspection usually means having expert personnel climb to dangerous places or hiring expensive machinery. With the Quadcopter UAVision these activities are easier, less expensive, and with less risk of physical injury. It is small enough to be stored in the trunk of a family car, and is robust enough to handle travelling wherever a 4x4 can go. Once on location, the teams can get the Quadcopter UAVision flying and capturing useful images in a few minutes. It can be equipped with High Definition or even Infra-red or other specialized camera, and record high-quality geo-referenced imagery for further analysis.

Planning Construction Work in Industrial Buildings

As business grows, factories and industrial buildings need to expand or add new machinery. Assessing the existing structures, and visually evaluating what scenarios are possible is now easier with the Quadcopter UAVision. With high quality imagery captured from the air, engineers can spend less time in the assessment phase, and make better decisions faster than ever before.

Security & Law Enforcement

Advanced Inspection of Dangerous Areas

Law enforcement teams are often assigned missions where they must enter unknown and dangerous areas.Without any additional insight, they often face elevated risks of injury. With the Quadcopter UAVision, the teams in the field now have a new tool for advanced video intelligence gathering.Improved situational awareness, and more informed assessment of dangers in a given area, before exposing any team members to potential injury, is certainly a valuable capability to have in the field.

Perimeter Surveillance

Small UAVs have shown to be very useful in filling the the gap between more traditional means of perimeter surveillance: ground-based patrolling and helicopter-based aerial surveillance. The Quadcopter UAVision is able to carry out autonomous and unattended surveillance along predetermined routes, recording and transmitting high-quality photos and movies. Working with GPS-based coordinates makes it extremely easy to define new surveillance routes for temporary locations - public events, VIP visits, conferences, government officials visits, ... Intelligent and automatic video processing can also be used for increased intrusion detection capabilities, and be used to automatically generate alerts. The Quadcopter low noise and capability to operate in tight spaces make it a must-have for complementing traditional approaches to surveillance.

Crowd Management

When managing various types of situations where crowds can pose a risk to public safety, the UX line of Rotorcrafts provides a definitive advantage to command-and-control teams. Having a low-noise and highly mobile aerial observation platform enables increases situational awareness, reduces risks and improves the effectiveness of the forces on the field.

Evidence Gathering

Collecting photographic evidence of accidents, being on the road or in other scenarios, is a critical task for law enforcement and insurance investigators. With the Quadcopter UAVision, it is easier to get a better perspective of the areas under investigation, through aerial photography. Mounting panoramic or custom-spectrum cameras, or automatically feeding image-based measurements for automatic calculation programs, can be a real bonus to the investigators in charge.