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The OGASSA is the latest generation of UAVision’s WINGO Series UAV systems. The system was specifically designed for long endurance maritime operations. It is a reliable and versatile platform that can be deployed in multiple scenarios and fitted with multiple payloads to address the most demanding missions requirements.


  • Border patrol and surveillance

  • Maritime coastal area surveillance

  • Vessel tracking and identification

  • Search and rescue

  • Remote sensing

  • Pipeline monitoring


  • Flight range: 100km

  • Endurance: Up to 12 hours

  • Service ceiling: 3000m

  • Cruise speed: 51 knots

  • Max speed:130km/h

  • Stall speed: 62km/h

  • Propulsion: Combustion engine

  • Electrical power: On-board generator, two redundant battery banks

  • Wind limit: 40km/h

  • Take-off distance: 150m

  • Recovery: Runway

  • Maximum take-off weight: 36kg

  • Maximum payload weight: 5kg


  • Length: 2500mm

  • Wingspan: 4200mm

  • Height: 1300mm

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  • Standard Gimbal with Day Camera and Thermal Camera


  • Geiger Radiation Sensor

  • Multiple Gas Sensors

  • RFID Scanner

  • LIDAR System

  • SAR System

  • Hyperspecral Cameras

  • Target Lock System

  • Geolock System


  • MTOW: 36kg

  • OEW: 21kg

  • Payload: 4kg


  • Wing (total): 1.08 m2

  • Aileron (each): 0.0354 m2

  • Flap (each): 0.0480 m2

  • V-tail (total): 0.378 m2

  • Ruddervator (each): 0.0530 m2

  • Fuselage (total): 1.24 m2

Ground Control Station (GCS)

The GCS controls the UAV and onboard payload remotely during the mission. The GCS can be used to upload mission plans and perform mission analysis. The GCS has multiple screens for both internal pilot and payload operator.


The platform has multiple communication systems to ensure secure operations and redundancy. ◦ IP link with 50km LOS ◦ Safety redundant link on 433 or 868 MHz ◦ Customized frequencies are possible ◦ 360º UAVision tracker system ◦ Optional extension of communication range up to 100km ◦ Above 100km: Please contact us


◦ Standard Gimbal with Day Camera and Thermal Camera ◦ Multiple Gas Sensors ◦ RFID Scanner ◦ LIDAR System ◦ Hyperspectral Cameras


The Navigations system is based on the 10 years proven UAVision proprietary Autopilot system that is a cutting edge system for UAV navigation being used by multiple Airforces. This navigation system uses a 3-axis control autopilot which is commanded by the UAVision GCS software.


The UXS-400 system is a lightweight 2-axis high speed mechanical- and software-stabilized gimbal. This direct drive gimbal has incorporated daylight electro optical and thermal LWIR camera. The LWIR camera is optional and for use during night operations.

Optional Features

◦ Detection and automatic tracking of up to 5 targets ◦ Thermal and visible camera side by side display ◦ OSD ◦ Slant range ◦ Target designator coordinates ◦ Stanag 4609 KVL metadata ◦ Image enhancement filters ◦ Target tracking ◦ On board recording capability ◦ Resolution: Full HD on visible camera and HD on thermal camera 640X480 ◦ IP interface

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