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WINGO-S it’s the third generation of fixed wing 10 KG MTOW UAS systems. This UAV has been designed for advanced missions demanding agility and stability and a large variety of payloads and communications systems. It’s very low-noise signature capability easily merges with critical operational scenarios. Users have full free of movement and high quality images thanks to new micro retractable gimbal with daylight imaging zoom camera and thermal image camera has standard equipment. One of the biggest improvements of the WINGO-S to his predecessors is the interchange capability of the wings and propulsion. This unique feature enables WINGO-S users to configure the platform for different scenarios like long-range missions where speed and autonomy are key factors or for medium/low-range where very low speeds are curtail for high detail target monitoring. For this under 10Kg UAS system our clients demand for hand launch capability and belly landing so we equipped this unit with a with retractable gimbal for safer payload protection on landings. Additionally the WINGO-S can land by parachute or into a net. For easier take-off and also for naval operations we offer a portable lightweight catapult. For specific applications, UAVISION can customize the system and create the perfect pod to fit cameras or sensors on-board.


  • Fiber

  • Aluminium


  • Wingspan: 2.3 M

  • Endurance: 2h 00 Min

  • Range: 40 Km

  • Cruise Speed: 40 Km/H

  • Max Speed: 90 Km/H

  • MTOW: 10 Kg

  • Take Off: Hand Launch/Catapult

  • Recovery: Ground /net /runway / Parachute

  • Payload Weight: Up To 3 Kg

  • Power: Electric


  • See drawings


  • Range: 250 Km

  • Endurance: 10 h

  • Payload Weight: 5 KG

  • Wingspan: 3,9 m

  • Service Ceiling: 7000m

  • MTOW: 25 Kg

  • Cruise Speed: 70 Km/h

  • Max Speed: 140 Km/h

  • Stall Speed: 50 Km/h

  • Power: Fuel

  • Wind Limit: 50 Km/h

  • Take-Off: Runway

  • Recovery: Runway

  • Protection Degree: IP 54


  • Standard Gimbal with Day Camera and Thermal Camera

  • 1 The Wingo-S comes with a retractable 2 axis gimbal with the same Visible and Thermal Cameras, however Uavision can customized this system according to the customer’s special requirements.


  • Geiger Radiation Sensor

  • Multiple Gas Sensors

  • RFID Scanner

  • LIDAR System

  • SAR System

  • Hyperspecral Cameras

  • Target Lock System

  • Geolock System

Catapult Start

Phase I

Establish Stable Flight

Phase II

Gather Data

Phase III

Prepare for Landing

Phase IV

Parachute Landing

Phase V

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