UGS400 Gimbal on Cessna

1st June 2018

UAVision UGS400 Gimbal and AFDS9000 system were installed on 3 Cessna Manned Aircraft for forest fire detection and monitoring. Systems are being used by the Portuguese ANPC Government Agency for civil protection. 

Montemuro Exercise

19th May 2018

Portuguese Air Force Operates Uavision Ogassa OGS42 UAV on ANPC Exercise. OGS42 was operated at 5000ft and multiple live fires were detected.  Live IP video feed was provided to multiple command and control centre. 

EMSA Sea Surveillance

26th April 2018

UAVision and Portuguese Airforce  Operates OGS42 UAV in the scope of the RPASMAR consortium for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) 

StormCOMM DataLink  88km over the sea

1st April 2018

UAVision long range IP  datalink StormCOMM achieves 88Km Range over sea. This was accomplished by operating OGS42 UAV with Portuguese Air Force and verified by EMSA.