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Parceria entre a Marinha

e a empresa UAVision

6 de junho de 2020

Marinha forma militares para pilotagem de drones aéreos
Teve início esta quinta-feira, 4 de junho, a formação de 5 militares da Marinha em pilotagem de Veículos Aéreos Não Tripulados (VENT-AER). ​​​​


Acordo é estabelecido entre a empresa portuguesa 

UAVISION e a indiana VEDA Defense Systems

13 de fevereiro de 2020

Um outro acordo é estabelecido entre a empresa portuguesa 

UAVISION e a indiana VEDA Defense Systems, para a "transferência de tecnologia, produção e coprodução de sistemas aéreos não tripulados, ao abrigo do qual será ainda criado um centro de treino para este tipo de aparelhos na Índia, com 'know-how' português".


UGS400 Gimbal on Cessna

1 de junho de 2018

UAVision UGS400 Gimbal and AFDS9000 system were installed on 3 Cessna Manned Aircraft for forest fire detection and monitoring. Systems are being used by the Portuguese ANPC Government Agency for civil protection.


Portuguese and Indian companies to work on UAVs, aircraft and speedboats

14 de fevereiro de 2020

In 2017, Prime Minister Modi had visited Portugal when more than 10 agreements were signed in several areas which included space, avoidance of double taxation, nano-technology, biotechnology and higher education.


REP(MUS) 2019 - NATO hosts its largest maritime unmanned systems exercise in Portugal

23 de setembro de 2019

NATO Allies gathered in Troia, Portugal, to practise sharing information from unmanned platforms during Recognized Environmental Picture (Maritime Unmanned Systems), or REP(MUS) 19.


Montemuro Exercise

19 de maio de 2018

Portuguese Air Force Operates Uavision Ogassa OGS42 UAV on ANPC Exercise. OGS42 was operated at 5000ft and multiple live fires were detected.  Live IP video feed was provided to multiple command and control centre.


MOU between VEDA Defence and UA Vision for production of drones

14 de fevereiro de 2020

List of MoUs/Agreements exchanged and announced during State Visit of President of Portugal


An unmanned aerial vehicle, the UAVision Ogassa V, prepares to take of in Troia, Portugal during an unmanned systems trial designed to integrate multinational platforms with NATO forces.

19 de setembro de 2019

The exercise, known as Recognized Environmental Picture, Maritime Unmanned Systems 19 (REP(MUS) 19), tests the ability of NATO Allies to integrate and share information gathered by unmanned systems in operational contexts.


EMSA Sea Surveillance

26 de abril de 2018

UAVision and Portuguese Airforce  Operates OGS42 UAV in the scope of the RPASMAR consortium for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

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