UAVision have been developing UAS’s and subsystems since 2005.

The company initially started developing an autopilot system in 2005 that its now on version 9 and its still the base of all our platforms the UXpilot.


Our ground control software UGCS it's a professional system highly tested and proven together with the UXpilot and is currently used by the Portuguese Air Force, Portuguese Navy, and many other customers around the world.

In 2009 Uavision started its Aeronautical design and production department that has been responsible for the manufacturing of multiple aerostructures and of course all our entire UAS systems


In 2016 two new units were created, one for addressing our issues with Long-Range non-Line of Sight communications systems that lead to developing our bulletproof IP C2 system Stormcomm.

The other one was the EO (electro-optical sensor ) unit that designs and produce our UGS gimbal systems

Our expertise and in house manufacturing capability in multiple key areas of UAS systems give us a unique capability to provide our customers with high-performance and mission reliability customized systems.

In 2016 Uavision enter the defense market supplying technology and teaming up with several Air Forces from multiple countries, but especially with the Portuguese Air Force (PAF). This partnership force Uavision to upgrade many of the Oagassa UAS and subsystems capabilities in order to adapt them to the PAF mission requirements. This led to major improvements not only on the Ogassa platforms but also in all Uavision C3 systems. Since then Ogassa UAS has performed several relevant operational missions both on land and sea operated by the Portuguese Air Force.

Some of this missions were of critical importance for the Country especially the forest fire monitoring that started as a demonstration of capabilities in 2018 and was established as an operational mission in 2019, more than 230 hours of ISR missions in two months, that led to the detection of more than 50 events, preventing one of the major threats to the country. Forest fires claim more than 100 lives in 2017.

In 2018 Uavision start a cooperation protocol with the Portuguese Navy that presented us a new challenge: operation from warships. 


By incorporating all previous experiences, our team together with the Portuguese Navy start working on a new concept the OGASSA Hybrid, a new version of the ogassa but with VTOL capability. Since then other Uavision UAS like the spyro where fully integrated on the NPO class vessels.  We completely adapt our systems to be deployed from moving platforms, incorporating gyrostabilization capabilities on our stormcomm antennas and also integrate on our C2 mission control software with Ship Radars, AIS and other key systems. In 2019 the 1st mission Mar Aberto was launched and during 90 days through the south Atlantic Uavision UAS were operationally used. On the 2019 NATO REP MUS exercise  Uavision present the OGS42V showing its unique operational capabilities. The system is currently being integrated into the Portuguese Navy frigates Vasco da Gama Class. Moving forward with Portuguese Navy towards new and remarkable challenges!

Technological Experience

UAVision has vast technical experience in different technologies, due to its multidisciplinary team with capabilities in aeronautics, electronics, computers, mechanics, and materials (composites).


Our teams can design, built, simulate and test all the sub-systems of an unmanned aerial platform, from mechanics and composite construction techniques to navigation and control algorithms.


Our R&D teams work on electronic circuit design, microprocessor programming, RF circuit design, aircraft design, mechanical design, control and artificial intelligence.


We have in house capability for complete electronics assembly production line, four CNC machines (3 and 5 axes), CNC lathe (X, Z, and Y-axis) fiber laser cutting, robot composite trimming, and full composite workshop.

We are also specialized in the production of composite tooling

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All our systems are designed and produced in the EU Portugal

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