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Address: Casais da Arriota, 26 Bonabal 2565-835 Ventosa Portugal
Phone:  +351 261 311 552

All our systems are designed and produced in Portugal



  • Geiger Radiation Sensor

  • Multiple Gas Sensors

  • Target Lock-on System

  • Search Light

  • LIDAR System



  • Civilian and Military Aerial Security and Surveillance

  • Search and Rescue Operations in Disaster Scenarios

  • Closed perimeters monitoring

  • Identification and prosecution of suspects

  • Crowd Monitoring Riot control

  • Aerial Filming and Images 

  • Structural and power line inspection

  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring

  • Sea surveillance 

  • Precision Agriculture mapping

  • Wind Generator Inspection and Maintenance 


  • Wingspan: approx. 1131 mm (1843 mm including propellers)

  • Height: 664 mm

  • MTOW: Depends on Payload Type (see charts below)

  • Payload: 4kg (Spyro4), 7kg (Spyro8)


  • Deployment VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing)

  • Structure of Carbon Fibre

  • Engine: 4 or 8 electrical water proof engines

  • CFD ultra low noise propellers

  • 100A high speed brushless controllers

  • Autonomous control

  • Protection Degree: IP54

  • Bidirectional Datalink with 15km range LOS

  • Operational range 15Km

  • Flight time: 1 hour

  • Maximum speed: 55 Km/h (Spyro4) 

  • Service Ceiling: 3000 ft AGL

  • Operational Temperature 0 to 50 C

  • Communications: 2.4Ghz 

  • Power Source Intelligent LiPo battery Packs

  • Crew 1 or 2 personnel depending on task.



  • Standard Gimbal with Daylight EO and IR / Thermal

  • Standard open Gimbal

UX SPYRO System has been a successfully sold-out product in the past, it has been in operation in many different countries around the world.

SPYRO System consists of the Air Vehicle and Ground Control Station which has UAVision Software for Telemetry, Planning, Flight Control and Payload operations. Manual control of the system can be with either Hand held Radio system, Laptop or control from GCS. The system can be operated using minimum 1 crew or 2 depends on the operational scenario. The systems payload displays realtime video link and is capable of recording. 

SPYRO has been developed for tactical missions which require high-end payloads and flight stability. Its low-noise operation capability easily merges with critical operational scenarios. It is compatible with our Ultra-light Carbon Fibre Stabilised Gimbal which gives users full free movement. The system has AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System), which provides 3D orientation using onboard gyroscopes, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer and GPS data which gives precision flights.