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The SPYRO GS is the improved version of the Uavision acclaimed Spyro that has served our customers for more than 15 years. Providing an impressive 2 hours of operation with full payload, 25Km MTOW, this hybrid UAS was designed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions both in land and sea environments.

​We presented this new version of the Spyro at NATO REPMUS exercise in 2022 and it was an instant success.

The Spyro GS System consists of an Air Vehicle and Ground Control Station with proven UAVision mission Software. A military grade C2 system in use by the Portuguese Navy and AirForce since 2016 that is also fully integrated with ship tactical systems ( RADAR, ECDIS, AIS and all available NMEA data).

But we went further and integrate our own UGS600 electro-optical payload a military grade system fully compliant with NATO STANAG 4609 and furthermore we extend the range by also integrate our STORMCOMM Datalink that provide a range for more than 30NM (60Km).

​Consult us for other available payloads and we also provide integrations services to suit our customer needs. 


  • Wingspan: approx. 1131 mm (1843 mm including propellers)

  • Height: 664 mm

  • MTOW: depends on payload type

  • Payload: 2KG for two hours, 10KG 45 minutes


  • Deployment VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing)

  • Carbon-fibre structure

  • Engine: 4  electrical water proof engines

  • Combustion Engine for Generator 

  • CFD ultra low noise propellers

  • IP54 protection

  • StormComm datalink with 40km range LOS

  • 4G backup datalink

  • Operational range: 60Km

  • Flight time: 2 hour

  • Maximum speed: 80 Km/h 

  • Service ceiling: 3000 ft AGL

  • Operational temperature: -10°C to 50°C

  • Power Sources: Gasoline and two LiPo battery packs for backup

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