Uavision GCS G2000

The G2000 is a ruggedized Ground control station, It has two retractable high definition monitors, integrated computers and military grade connectors for all connections to external systems.

The core of the G2000 is the UAVision UAS operation software that delivers an intuitive but powerful tool for UAS operations that gathers our 15 years’ experience in the UAS Market.

Our software and GCS is currently being used by the Portuguese Air force and other countries military and security forces.

The G2000 is also integrated with Mode C & S transponder Receiver and UAVision Sea Search and Rescue package it also includes AIS and EPIRB (PLT) receivers.


GCS can be easily modified to meet the needs of a variety of missions.

It is equipped with Dual retractable 22 inch wide screen monitors and customized to fit mission specific electronic devices such as a EO/IR gimbal joystick, etc.


GCS enables operators to plan and upload missions on to a UAV, remotely control a UAV and view incoming sensory data like transponder, weather, AIS and Epirb.


GCS can be easily transported given its compact form  The case is equipped with a pull handle and wheels making it easy for operators to shift the GCS.

  • Dimensions: 1140 x 650 x 420mm

  • Weight: 42kg

  • Environmental protection: Mobility Manual Pressure Equalization Valve

  • Weather Proof

  • Operating temperature (-5°C to +50°C)

  • Case features: Rugged plastic case, side handles, carrying handles, wheels for easy handling

  • Fully-featured outdoor workstation

  • AC input: 110 - 230V

  • Over-voltage protection, reverse polarity protection

  • Connections (all routed to GCS Computers) 2 serial (RS-232), 2 USB, 2 Ethernet, 1 Ethernet POE and 1 Tracker system

  • Video out

  • 2.4GHz, 433MHz, 868Mhz and customized frequency communications

  • Connections to 22” display Composite Video (Optional), external VGA Input (Optional)

  • Connectors: Mill 810 grade connectors

  • Display Type: Dual Retractable outdoor viewable 22” (1920x1080), TFT LCD, LED Backlight wide viewing angle

  • Controls: Joystick for Gimbal operations

  • Video Recording

  • UAVision Antenna Tracker system support

  • UAVision StromCOMM support

  • Optional Video streaming

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All our systems are designed and produced in the EU Portugal

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Phone +351 261 311 552

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