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UGS 600 Gimbal 

The UGS600 is a military-grade EO electro-optical sensor developed by UAvision, specifically designed for our UAS systems and provides the latest technology capabilities such as Visible and thermal Vision, automatic target tracking, MTI, image enhancement filters, AI-based automatic target classification, Slant range, Center target coordinates, among many other options. The EO is also NATO STANAG 4609 compliant.

Technical Specifications:


  • 30x zoom full High Definition camera (4K option available)

  • Thermal high-definition camera 640X480 LWIR (MWIR optional)

  • Mechanical and software stabilization 

  • Automatic target tracking of up to 5 targets

  • H264 encoding

  • Image enhancement filters

  • Thermal and visible simultaneous transmission and overlapping

  • OSD Onscreen Display of:

    • UAS coordinates

    • Center target coordinates

    • SLANT (distance to target)

    • Timestamp

  • Ethernet IP Interface

  • Power requirements 12V to 28V - 20W

Gimbal Mounted on unmanned aircraft for Survaliance

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