UGS 400 Gimbal 

The UGS 400 is a sophisticated direct drive gimbal, specially designed for demanding day and night operations, such as security, inspections, law enforcement and search & rescue. With 2 axis high speed gyro-stabilized, this brushless gimbal has incorporated daylight and thermal IR cameras, for total freedom of operation and high quality images.

Technical Specifications:


  • 30x zoom full High Definition camera

  • Thermal high definition camera 640X480

  • Mechanical and software stabilization 

  • Automatic target tracking up to 5 targets

  • KVL metadata encoding

  • Image enhancement filters

  • Thermal and visible simultaneous transmission

  • OSD Onscreen Display of:

    • UAS coordinates

    • Center target coordinates

    • SLANT (distance to target)

    • Time stamp

  • Ethernet IP Interface

  • Power requirements 12V to 28V - 20W

Gimbal Mounted on unmanned aircraft for Survaliance

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