UGS400 Gimbal 

The UGS 400 is a Sophisticated direct drive gimbal, specially designed for demanding day and night operations, as security, inspections, law enforcement and search & rescue. With 2 axis high speed gyro-stabilized, this brushless gimbal has incorporated daylight and thermal IR cameras, for total freedom of operation and high quality images.

Technical Specifications:


  • 30X Zoom full High Definition camera

  • Thermal high definition camera 640X480

  • Mechanical and software stabilization 

  • Automatic target tracking up to 5 targets

  • KVL metadata encoding

  • Image enhancement filters

  • Thermal and visible simultaneous transmission

  • OSD Onscreen Display of:

    • UAS coordinates

    • Center target coordinates

    • SLANT (distance to target)

    • Time stamp

  • Ethernet IP Interface

  • Power requirements 12 to 28V 20W

Gimbal Mounted on unmanned aircraft for Survaliance

Gimbal Mounted on manned aircraft for fire detection

Gimbal Mounted on Manned Aircraft for Fire Detection

 Image of Fire Detection

 Image of Rescue Helicopter

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