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At UAVision, we provide several different services, such as: customisation of products, UAV pilot training, custom designing and manufacturing of airframes, avionics and communication systems.  

UAV Training Service 

UAVision has a Training Centre dedicated to your UAV training needs.

With our highly qualified team of trainers, we can provide training for both internal and external pilots for fixed wing or multicopter UAVs. We also give special training for payload operators and tactical missions. 

Our Training Centre is located in Torres Vedras, near Lisbon, on the west coast of Portugal. This region is known for its good weather conditions during all the year, making it a perfect place to have your training. There are different runways available for different level of training skills.

We have complete technical training manuals and simulator for both fixed wing and multicopter UAVs dedicated to the training programs. 

We can also prepare special training courses tailored to your particular needs.


Let's work together?

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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