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At UAVision we are proud to have some of the best available engineers in our team for research and development. Our engineers with different backgrounds in mechanics, aeronautics and electronics are amongst the best within the industry.


After research and development come several phases of customisation. At UAVision we do all theses phases inhouse where the teams from R&D, customisation, testing and production work closely together to develop some of the finest UAV systems available on the current market.


Every system needs real-life testing in many different conditions. Our engineers work closely together with our flight experts who test our systems in every imaginable aspect to ensure all systems that go in production meet industry standards regarding safety and legal requirements.


After R&D, prototyping and testing our systems can finally go in production. Most components of our UAV systems are produced item by item in good craftsmanship ensuring the high quality standard we are proud of at UAVision.


Phase I


Phase II


Phase III


Phase IV


At UAVision we are proud of our flexibility. We don't produce 'standard' products but we manufacture some of the finest UAV systems on the market. We adapt to our customer's needs and we are happy to modify our available systems to meet special requirements our clients may have. Since we develop all our systems ourselves (this includes hardware as well as software) nothing is impossible.


Our systems are developed inhouse, manufactured with love in our own premises and tested with passion. They are reliable, sustainable, extendable and repairable. Our software can be upgraded to implement new features, and should you require repairs and/or modifications spare parts will be obtainable for many years to come.

Cost Efficient

Our systems are not cheap. But what you buy from us is a whole system that is based of engineering excellence. Our software and hardware are developed with durability and versability in mind. Our UAV systems can help you realising projects that you would be cost ineffective with conventional systems. With the durability and versability of our systems you invest in the future and our systems will amortise with just a couple of projects.




We develop and manufacture UA systems including multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAVs. Quad- and Octocopter for versatility in difficult locations and fixed-wing UAVs for long distance flights. All our UAVs come with high payload and long flight duration capabilities.


Our Gimbals are state-of-the-art and are amongst the best available in the current market of UA systems. We manufacture universal gimbals for the use of your own media and broadcast cameras and highly specialised gimbals with integrated FLIR and 3D cameras for photogrammetry, search & rescue, security and law enforcement.


We develop and manufacture highly specialised ground control stations for our UA systems. These range from easy to use handheld remote control units to sophisticated and complex ground control stations integrated into ground control rooms or vehicles.