Our Fire Detection System is an advance unit which can be mounted in no time on either a UAV or a Manned light aircraft. The system can be easily operated by one person for fast response and situation awareness. In a forest fire scenario one must use a reliable and easily operated system to quickly detect and provide solutions for further fire spread. The system helps to coordinate with ground fire/rescue teams to conduct safe operations. The Gimbal provide both Electro-Optical, Infra-Red and Thermal (Day and Night) Live Video which can be transmitter 50km in Full-HD to ground force in order to have better view of the fire and rescue teams on the ground. The system also have the capability to record on-board or ground. 

Address: Casais da Arriota, 26 Bonabal 2565-835 Ventosa Portugal
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All our systems are designed and produced in the EU Portugal

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Phone +351 261 311 552

Casais da Arriota, 26

Bonabal 2565-835

Ventosa, Portugal

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