AEMCS - 100

Active Engine Monitoring and Control System


AEMCS - 100 unit is an Active Engine Monitoring and Control System which is specially design for carburettor engine on UAV’s or it can be used for bench testing.

The AEMCS - 100 enables the user to fully monitor engine performance. It also provides information of engine temperature in order to control engine cooling mechanism which can be controlled by one or two actuators. The unit can be powered by one or two independent power supplies to ensure redundancy on the propulsion system.


The AEMCS - 100B is an optional upgrade to convert the system into a bench test or automatic engine break-in system. It uses software which can be define by the user for multiple setups to manage throttle percentage, RPM, Temperatures and engine timing. 

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply (Voltage Input 1 & 2): 10 V to 28 VDC

  • Communications: CAN; RS232; USB

  • Analog Input: 0 - 5 VDC (Used for fuel Gauge)

  • Cylinder Head Temperature: Type K Thermocouple

  • Intake Air Temperature: NTC10K

  • RPM: Opto-coupled digital input

  • Actuator 1 PWM and power (0 - 5 VDC)

  • Actuator 2 PWM and power (0 - 5 VDC)

  • Ignition system power output 1

  • Ignition system power output 2