SDL - 400

Safety Data Link


The Safety Data Link SDL - 400 is design to be an independent flight control link for the UAV.


This system connects to a Remote Control system using a belt hanging unit which converts PPM to CAN converter (BWP2C) and a CAN BUS cable that can extend up to 400 meters (optional).

The CAN BUS cable is directly connected to a Multi-frequency transmission box (MFTB).

The MFTB transmits RC Command signals to UAV autopilot in one or multiple frequencies.

The MFTB system frequency power is selectable from low to high. The unit can transmit 10 Watt of power on high power which ensures safe link up to 50 km to 80Km, depending of LOS and UAV altitude.

The Air installed unit can be connected to multiple receivers system with different frequencies, the receivers are connected to a CAN BUS protocol which automatically swaps reception in order to have the best quality signal.

Technical specifications


Air Unit :

  • Power supply 6 to 28VDC

  • Operating Frequencies : 433; 869; 915 MHz

  • Channels : Up to 16

  • Sensitivity -90 dBm

  • RF Signal Modulation : GPSK

  • Digital communication : CAN BUS

Ground Unit : 

  • Power supply 24VDC or 230VAC 

  • Operating Frequencies : 433; 869; 915 MHz 

  • Channels : Up to 16

  • RF Power: 10mW Low power up to 10W high power 

  • RF Signal Modulation : GPSK

  • Digital comunication : CAN BUS