SRV - 80 Systems

The SRV - 80 systems are specially designed to adapt standard PWM actuators and servos. The SRV - 80 are ideal for large UAV systems which require high reliability.

This systems can easily convert actuators and servos from PWM interface to CAN BUS System. 

The CAN BUS system is a digital communications system with high resistance to noise. Due to its reliability and fast data transmission speeds, this system is widely used to control interface in aviation, automotive and industries.

The SRV - 80 system has several capabilities to existing actuators and servos which provides monitoring information like voltage, temperature and current consumption. The system can automatically shutdown a particular actuator or servo in case of failure. The system can be supplied in OEM or aluminium enclosure, with mil - spec connectors or as fully functional 3.3 NM servos.

Currently the SRV-80 system works with the UAVision, Piccolo and PixHawk Autopilots. If your autopilot is not listed, please contact us for more solutions and customisation.

Technical specifications


  • Power supply: 5 to 9 VDC

  • Maximum current: 6A

  • Temperature sensor: NTC10K

  • Voltage and current monitoring

  • Mil spec connector

  • Communications: CAN BUS

 Supported Autopilots:

  • Uavision AP_950

  • Piccolo

  • All PixHawk's (requires pacthing the code)