UAVision StormCOMM Systems

The StormCOMM is a complete UAS communication system design and tested by Uavision that features the following capabilities:

  • IP link up to 100KM range LOS

  • Ground segment IP tracker System

  • Integrated high performance 15 dbi patch antenna

  • Omnidirectional for close range

  • Integrated 10W power amplifier (UAS & ground)

  • Bandwidth up to 20Mbps (2Mbps @100Km)

  • Frequency 2300 to 2700 MHz OFDM modulation

  • AES Data encryption

  • WEB interface for configuring & monitoring

  • Spectrum analyser for monitoring and adjustment

  • High precision servo system and mechanical system

  • 180 Degrees continuous azimuth and -90 to +90 Degrees elevation

  • Ethernet 10/100Mbps connector

  • Power requirements 28VDC 30W UAS 100W ground

  • High quality ruggedised tripod

  • IP65

StormCOMM Ground Tracking System

Antenna System mounted on UAV

StormCOMM System install on OGS42 UAV Tail